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About Company

BitVision consolidates financial blockchain operations and makes the management of digital assets transparent and easy to navigate, with essential accounting, reporting, and business insights.

We believe in the potential for crypto to transform the traditional economy into a more diverse and accessible ecosystem. We're on a mission to help drive that change by providing web3 companies, DAOs, and other institutions with an end-to-end integrated solution for managing digital assets.

Getting Started
We know that accounting can be tricky to wrap one’s head around. Therefore the BitVision team has got you covered and will support you in setting up your bookkeeping in a customized but automated way.

We recommend and support our clients set up their accounting according to exchanges used and wallet addresses/groups of wallet addresses with similar purposes. This will be a huge advantage for the company’s treasury to have an effortless overview of under which custody the liquidity and assets are stored. 

Who we serve

  • Web3 companies 
  • Crypto investment funds
  • Digital asset managers
  • Digital asset banks
  • Traditional institutions adopting crypto
  • Accounting companies for digital assets

One solution, many features

  • Integration with wallets & exchanges. Import your blockchain wallet addresses (eg. Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, etc.) and connect your exchange APIs (eg. Binance, FTX etc.) to effortlessly access original transaction details including tokens transferred historical value in FIAT currency, and fees paid. For a complete list of integrations click Here!
  • Valuation & asset inventory. View the token inventory, the total value of holdings in FIAT currency for a specific date, and group your digital assets by categories so that you can keep an eye on the diversification across industries and risk levels.
  • Counter-party management (CRM ‘light’). Manage unidentified addresses and create the associated client or supplier contact, so that all future transactions will be assigned automatically and easy to navigate. 
  • Capital gain and loss calculation. Run summarized or detailed capital gain and loss reports for any asset and period so you know which investments are performing well, and which ones to watch out for.
  • Chart of accounts. Create or upload your company's chart of accounts and allocate transactions to the balance sheet and P&L to easily integrate blockchain transactions into your traditional bookkeeping software.
  • Transaction lists per asset. View the beginning balance, trading volume, and closing balance for each digital asset for any chosen period to review the full transaction history.
  • Dashboard. Access your interactive dashboard to get an overview of transactions, token balances, and alerts, and be equipped for executive decision-making and reporting to internal and external stakeholders, such as the CEO or CFO in centralized companies or the community in DAOs.
  • Digital asset classification - COMING SOON. For certain jurisdictions, depending on the clarity of regulations, we provide asset classification services. We classify the most common tokens according to the available regulatory guidance and we work together with local accounting and legal partners should our clients require assistance in evaluating the legal nature of their own token.



  • Blockchain wallet addresses
    Our BitVision tech team is releasing new integrations weekly. Currently, we integrate with:
    ● Ethereum blockchain
    ● BNB Chain
    ● Avalanche
    ● Polygon
    ● Ripple - COMING SOON
    ● Cardano - COMING SOON
    ● Solana - COMING SOON
    ● Harmony - COMING SOON
    ● NEAR protocol - COMING SOON
    ● Fantom - COMING SOON
  • Crypto Exchange APIs - COMING SOON
    ● Binance Exchange - COMING SOON
    ● Uniswap - COMING SOON
    ● Gemini - COMING SOON
    ● Bitrex - COMING SOON
    ● SushiSwap - COMING SOON
  • CSV import - COMING SOON
    ● Manual import via CSV file from any chosen source.
  • CSV export.
    Select your report type and export transactions for your further processing:
    ● Transaction journal
    ● Capital gain and loss report
    ● Booking journal (for Xero accounting software)
  • Accounting software API - COMING SOON



Product Strategy (CEO)

Her profound background of many years in the finance industry allows Rebecca to lead Bitvision towards becoming the next-generation accounting software.

Amongst others, her experience includes investment accounting, financial accounting, and tax reporting with UBS, Julius Baer, and the group.

She’s most passionate about providing high-end quality solutions to clients to make their lives a little bit easier and their work more effective and efficient. 


Product Development (CTO)

As a seasoned full-stack developer and proven tech team lead, Viet brings the ideal mix of skills and years of experience to the BitVision team.

He has celebrated great achievements with Fujinet from his starting point as Junior Software Engineer up to his last position as Head of the R&D Department. As Technical Leader and Product CTO with Accesstrade, he contributed significantly to building the platform from scratch for millions of users.

Viet is passionate about maintaining the tech stack as well as the tech team for continuous improvement - Building complex solutions, that are highly sophisticated to simplify and add value to the user’s experience.  

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Pricing request

We are happy to take the time to understand our client’s use cases before offering a plan. We believe that providing individual solutions will be for the best benefit of a long-term high value-add business relationship.
Send us a request and we will get in touch to give you accurate pricing info.

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